DEAR/HELLO is a series of audio-stories produced with the intention of humanising issues that are often dehumanised in the mainstream media.

These stories are expressed through ‘open letters’ in an audio form, and cover a broad range of experiences. Real stories from real people about real issues – all with the intimacy that comes with letter-writing.

DEAR/HELLO aims to present stories from a broad range of voices – some with previous experience in poetry and writing, and some who are being given a platform for the first time. Our contributors are given nothing but the prompt to 'speak to an experience'.

DEAR/HELLO is produced and curated by Josie Smart and Izzy Roberts-Orr. Our first full series was produced with the generous support of the Community Radio Network (CRN) for their Segments Series, distributed to community radio stations around Australia in July 2015.

If you would like to contribute to DEAR/HELLO - please get in touch with us.

Huge thank you to all our contributors, our extended community broadcasting family and Kate Fayle for creating the DEAR/HELLO artwork.


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