DEAR / HELLO is a series of audio-stories

by real people

about real experiences

all told through the form of an open-letter



Produced by Josie Smart and Izzy Roberts-Orr

Presented by some very generous, honest, talented folk who were willing to share their experiences with us

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01 – Dear Tony

What if I don’t deserve all those things?  - Flo Dacey-Cole

02 – Dear Stranger

Was I behind glass? Under a microscope? At a zoo, in an enclosure? - Andy Jackson 

03 – To the moment I stopped feeling safe   

It's my space, it's our space, it's everybody's space – Josie Smart 

04 – Do you have sex in your wheelchair?

You, my beautiful wheelchair, give me freedom as much as you define me – Jax Jacki Brown

05 – Dear Norman         

Knowing I was different, I had a lot to lose – Yen Eriksen

06 – Mother / Abai

You had a wish, which you shared with me, to see a peaceful Afghanistan - Taqi Khan

07 – Floodgates

White boys playing at government without opposition? I’m on to you – Lia Incognita

08 – Life as a ‘gayby’

It was then that I realised that my family was considered ‘different’ – Claudia Long 

09 – Dear Lucy

It gets easier. You realise you need to make a future for yourself, because you need to be in it – Lucy Hotchin

10 – Nothing about us without us

Thank you for reminding us that often listening is just as important as speaking – Izzy Roberts-Orr